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Geotextile Nonwoven Underlay Propex AS 501 (170gsm) sold per m off the 2m width

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A high quality lightweight (170g/m2) polypropylene underlay fabric. Good abrasion resistance.

Purchase in a continuous length, cut-off-the-roll, down to 0.1m increments. Also sold as discounted roll quantities.

See our full range of Propex Geotextile Underlays in  full 200m and 115m rolls or cut-to-length quantities

Propex AS-501 Nonwoven Geotextile Underlay Fabric - sold here per metre, cut in continuous length off the roll. You can purchase down to 0.1m increments on our company website.

Also sold as discounted 200m Rolls x 4m wide and 200m Rolls x 2m wide or view our full range of underlay which includes full rolls of 170g/m2 & 272g/m2 Nonwoven Geotextile Underlay.

Features & information:

  • We suggest that for pond liner applications that  this Propex AS501 grade is used as an underlay to give a clean worksite & some protection, but mostly to prevent the contamination by dust & sand of seaming & detailing processes. It is not meant for protection against hard sharp aggregate. In that case use Propex grade AS 801.
  • Grab tensile strength: 780N
  • Mass: 170g/m2
  • Product Conformance to Strength Specification: Class B
  • Good abrasion resistance.
  • Will continue to cushion & protect Firestone EPDM geomembrane pond liner for years.

In most pond applications underlay is not necessary. Simply avoid the exposure of sharp hard objects & cover stony aggregate with sand or old carpet.

Specifications: Propex Geotextile Underlay is made from virgin polypropylene staple fibres, non woven, needled punched - See Data Sheet PDF downloads below.

Please Note.

  • This product complies with Australian & New Zealand Highway Specifications. RMS(NSW) - R63, DTMR(QLD) - MRTS27, NZTA - F/7
  • Manufactured in accordance with international quality standard DS/EN ISO 9001

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