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25mm Spiral Ribbed Tubing - Pond Pump Hose (Vinilflex N) - 20m roll

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20m roll of Spiral Ribbed Tubing - ($3.95/m)

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Price listed is for full 20m roll or coil.


  • Crush resistant rigid PVC reinforced outer spiral
  • Soft PVC flexible wall structure
  • Kink resistant
  • Suitable for low pressure water such as from pond pumps
  • For protection and covering of pipes for delivery of gas passing through
    solid, brick walls, walls of prefabricated panels and slabs according to
    UNI CIG 71 29.
  • Conduit with right hand pitch and crush resistant helix made of self-extinguishing
    material according to UL94 VO.
  • Vinilflex N is manufactured in Italy by Merlett Tecnoplastic

Internal Diameter: 25mm
External Diameter: 31mm

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